Healing Our Hearts

Struggling with food and weight was our prison for decades. We were lost in a self-loathing mess; emotional eating, binge eating and putting ourselves down in every way.
But our pain became our blessing because we committed to change at all costs. We discovered the power of LOVE was the answer… to change our thoughts, eating and self-perception.
We’ve shed 40kg combined and dramatically shifted our mindset about food, eating and life… And, there were massive side-effects. We attracted true love, found our purpose, and started creating the rich joyful lives we’ve always desired.
We now live to serve women are are wanting to make similar changes in their own lives. Women who are deep feelers, who know they are intuitive. Women who want to make peace with food, learn to love and trust themselves again to create a life that is fulfilling, joyful and free!

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